Best Sellers in Historical Erotica? Not So Sure…

Best Sellers in Historical Erotica? 

Today, while putting this list together, and turning to Amazon for guidance, it quickly occurred to me… there are NOT MANY TRUE HISTORICAL ROMANCE BOOKS ON THIS LIST!!!

But, is Amazon to blame? Has Amazon intentionally categorized these books this way? Or, do fly-by-night publishers try to slip in their keyword stuffed books just to make more sales?

Now, I’m not one to let this kind of thing get to me, but this is working it’s way under my skin!
I am still sharing these with you today, because this is the list that Amazon prepared for me… But, just take a look; “Teaming The Brat”? “Caught By Mom”? Do these look like historical romance books to you?

It is my opinion that Amazon should “weed out” publishers that try to rank their books high by placing them in unrelated categories… I have even seen romance books categorized in the “recipe book” category!

Sorry, just had to get this off of my chest. This needs to STOP. If this keeps up, I may not continue the feed from “Historical Erotica”, as well as a few other categories.

Okay I’m finished, but Geeze!

Free books as usual, with some paid books to follow. Anyway, just take a look and see what you can find.

— Stella 🙂


Best Sellers Historical Erotica

Okay, great! Now, here are the top 20 “paid books” in Historical Romance

3 thoughts on “Best Sellers in Historical Erotica? Not So Sure…

  • Some of these are considered historical?!?! By who??? As a reader, is there anything I can do to help stop this nonsense?

    • Hi Elicia. I wish there were something we could do because it makes it difficult to find historical romance books based upon their ranking!
      It seems that the “authors” of these books are the ones who choose which category to publish their book in… So, if they want to push these books to sell better, they publish them in a category like this with “less competition” so that their books are seen more often on Amazon.
      What a mess!
      Thanks for your input and happy reading!

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