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Choosing The Best Romance Novels


Romance lovers from around the globe are always looking for the best romance novels. It is a routine search that will always be enjoyable. You find a few good novels out there, and then you also find loads of bad ones these days. It seems like Amazon’s platform for the independent romance writer, has opened up territory for abuse of the self-publishing platform. Many authors out there are bombarding the Kindle bookstore with utter garbage (IMO). Any avid reader of romance should be aware that many of the romance books we find on Amazon today are farmed out to foreign writers in poorer countries. It is a means for the self-proclaimed author to have a lower overhead while having his or her books mass marketed. These ghost writers are spitting books out at break-neck speed, and unfortunately, it shows.

Note: Please guys, if any of you self-publishers are reading this… at least proofread what you’re publishing before slapping a label and a price tag on these books.

The true lovers of romance don’t necessarily want to stray away from romance authors whom we know and love, we are just in want of more supply than they can offer! This demand has led to a new market, where “romance novels” are being cranked out by online marketers and spammers with no conscience.

Speaking for myself, I would rather wait for a great product, rather than read short novellas that are thrown together for a buck.

We readers are consistently seeking out new up-and-coming authors, but we’re also looking for good work. Not only is it nice to see new talent arrive on the scene, but the chance to read a story that is different from the style of others, is always a refreshing find!

Romance Ebooks vs. Paperback Novels

This is where I tend to vacillate somewhat. There is no better “feel” than a paperback romance novel in my lap at around bedtime. I love the smell of the paper, and I love to manually “flip the pages”. I don’t have to worry about a power cord, or my battery flaking out on me.

On the other hand, hard-copy paperback books take up space in my office and my bedroom and they tend to wear out, even just sitting on the shelf. Several years ago, I purchased a Kindle reader, and it has changed the way I read romance novels. I miss the old days of paperback, but I must admit that choosing the best romance novels has become a very simple task–owed to the folks at Amazon. I can search for “bestsellers” and find the most current romance book available with (supposedly) the best reviews. Oh, here I go again! Read further….

Romance Book Reviews

Speaking of book reviews; I honestly never used to check the reviews of a book before purchasing. I’ve since found that I wasn’t really missing anything. Have you ever noticed how some of the reviewers state “I received an advance copy of this book to review”, or something similar? To me, this spells trouble. Anyone who has signed up to an authors email list for receiving “advance copies” is likely going to provide a positive 4 or 5 star review, just so that she remains on the list. I doubt that we’re getting the real assessment in many reviews. Did you know that there are full-time “reviewers”? It’s true. When they chock up tons of reviews to their credit, they are offered special discounts or even free stuff from merchants.

I have arrived at this conclusion: If you truly are searching for the best romance novels online, you should probably not trust Amazon alone… not an individual author or reviewer, unless of course, it is a well-known author who has proven themselves already. You’ve got to visit websites (like this one), forums, etc, to get authentic feedback from real romance readers.

Prices of Romance Books

Getting back to Kindle versus paperback. Kindle it is overwhelming choice for me. And yes, I’m already missing the hell out of my old paperbacks. But, without the necessity of manufacturing paper, ink, and glue, as well as the labor necessary to complete a project, the physical book is going to cost you more money. A lot more money. We all know how often we are able to find free Kindle romance books, discounted kindle books for $2.99 or less… when it comes to the digital market place. And, if I don’t like the digital book I just downloaded, I can simply remove it from my kindle library forever. Better yet, if I pay for a dud, Amazon will let me return it for a refund. I like that.

In A Nutshell

Choosing the best romance novels is not an easy task. I spend a lot of time just looking for my personal reads (not to mention posting all of the books here on my site). But, like a good meal, you sometimes have to bite your way through a few bad apples before you find the sweet ones.

The bottom line is; with all of the fly-by-night shifters, paranormal plagiarists, and belligerent billionaire copycats out there, quality has become a real issue. As for me, I am working for you to find the best romance novels by searching manually. I personally go through the Kindle store, assess the reviews, read the descriptions, inspect the cover art, investigate the publishers other work history, and make an educated decision about what to post here on my blog. The books that I post here are not typically my own, but they are books that I believe will hit the mark for you when it comes to a good romance read! I hope you’ll enjoy our choice for great classics and romance novels!

– Stella

P.S. I think I love you ♥



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