Reading a Romance Book Series

Can Reading a Romance Book Series Really Improve Your Quality of Life?

It sounds crazy… doesn’t it?   Let me start by asking a couple of questions:

  1. What was the last romance book series that you read? Do you remember?
  2. How long did it take you to get drawn into that series so deeply that you just knew that when you finished the last word of the final book, you would be hungry for more? Not long, I’ll bet.

A good romance book series can take you to places you’ve always fantasized about. But, an outstanding romance book series can make you feel like you’re actually living out the fantasy yourself!  Did you know that there are actually many real-life benefits to reading a well-written and captivating romance book?   On the surface, you may think that the only benefit would be the deepening  your fantasy experience while escaping the daily grind.   But actually, there is much more to it.   There are many reasons you should check out a “series“, and I’ll attempt to explain a few.    Wish me luck.

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The Real Life Benefits of Reading Romance Books

There are six surprising ways that reading a romance book series can provide you real-life benefits – both in and out of the bedroom!

  1. Book series can help keep you mentally sharp. Think about it; as you delve deeper and deeper into each book, you feel a heightened sense of excitement and mental stimulation with each turn of a page. This keeps the neurons in your brain firing on all cylinders, which greatly helps promote strong mental acuity. According to an article in Medical Daily, this also helps ward off stress. So read on!
  2. A romance book series can help to improve your relationship. Your real-life relationship might have become a bit stale and bland. With the day-to-day grind, the kids and their activities, and figuring out what to have for dinner every night, romance between you and your partner might not be what it used to be. When you read a good romance book, however, you might begin to feel elements of passion fire up inside of you for your partner. You will probably even learn new ways to express your love that you hadn’t thought of before. Act on them!
  3. Help increase self-confidence. Many of us struggle with the way we feel about ourselves. Our bodies don’t look the way they used to when we were younger, and our skin might be starting to show its age. But when take time out to read a romance book, you may often times find out that the main characters aren’t necessarily portrayed as beauty queens. The characters come from all walks of life, yet experience the same passion that we’ve all dreamt about. You don’t need to be perfect to be loved the right way, and a romance book series can help remind you of that.
  4. Increase your sex drive! Your sex life may not ever compare to the one depicted in 50 Shades – you may not even want it to. But when you read a series that is filled with amazing passion and powerful sex, it can be a major turn-on. It might even light some fires under you that you haven’t felt in a long time. So why keep those feelings trapped between the pages of the book? Seduce the living daylights out of your partner tonight and show them what an animal you can be in-between the sheets!
  5. Makes you more attractive. Not only does a good romance book give you more confidence, but it can also make you more physically attractive. No kidding! How? Well, as you’re reading the exciting and stimulating words between the pages, endorphins get released in your brain that cause you to feel happy or euphoric. Being happy has all kinds of positive effects on your physical appearance, and also helps slows aging. And get this – according to the British Medical Journal, many women who spend time reading these books, tend to have longer and more powerful orgasms. So read on!
  6. Reduce the risk of a heart attack. Yes, you heard me correctly. Reading romance novels can be very relaxing and stress-reductive. When you’re having a bad day and feel like you can’t get yourself under control, spend an evening in that book you’ve been neglecting. The more you read, the more relaxed you’ll become, lessening the risk of a heart attack long-term.

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These are only some of the positive benefits of reading a romance book series, and you’ve probably never considered them until now. What other benefits can you think of? Whatever they may be, these are all great reasons to read more romance books!

— Stella

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