Best Romance Novels of 2018

Best Romance novels have the ability to take one through a journey of fantasy, joy, heartbreak and affection, while teaching valuable lessons about the world of love.

Romance is one of the most popular genres. With well-crafted stories that have happy endings, it is every reader’s wish that the events were true. As you read the story of how two people fall in love, you can’t help but become engrossed in their story. Let’s look at 10 of the best romance novels you should be reading right now.

Everything We Keep – by Kerry Lonsdale
In this sentimental story with surprise twists, you experience the lengths people to protect the people they love. Aimee hopes to marry her childhood sweetheart – James. Their supposed wedding day turns into James’ funeral as he happens to disappear in a boat accident. In trying to reconstruct her life, Aimee is surprised to learn details about James’ accident. Starting with a loss, the story will take you through a journey of finding love again.

Say I’m Yours – by Corinne Michaels
Trent is the only man she has always wanted. For years, Grace would do anything to make him fall in love with her, but Trent seemed to be comfortable with their friendship. In moving on, Grace meets Cooper – a perfect guy with everything a girl wants. Watching Grace and Cooper is very tormenting to Trent. Grace, on the other hand, finds out that it is hard to walk away from some things. Journey through this beautiful story and see as the characters establish love in very dark and intense circumstances.

The Billionaire’s Obsession – by J.S. Scott
This steamy erotic romance novel tells the story of Kara who faces financial problems that lead her to live in the streets. A billionaire – Simon, comes to her help. Kara is paranoid about accepting help from a stranger, but there is something in Simon that is irresistible. Business focused Simon is transformed by his desire for Kara, but he is too proud to admit it. Kara’s need for more help and Simon’s desire to help her, takes the reader on an emotional rollercoaster that promises a very happy ending.

Perfect Together– by Kimberly Night
Spencer catches her boyfriend cheating, while Brandon is fed up with a crazy ex-girlfriend who won’t leave him alone. Spencer and Brandon’s eyes meet while they are in the gym and even though they don’t talk to each other, it is obvious there is some chemistry. Days later they meet on the same flight to Vegas. After several awkward interactions and a hot dance, none of them has the courage to ask the other out, despite the strong feelings they have for each other. They finally start to date, and when they go back home, their relationship is haunted by demons from their past relationships.


Wrong Number, Right guy – by Elle Casey
May finds herself in a dangerous shootout while looking for her sister. She is saved by Ozzie, a tall, muscular and attractive gentleman. It is at Ozzie’s private security firm that May finds refuge for the night. She is later hired to be an employee of the firm. The more time they spend together, the more chemistry they develop. This romance novel will take you through a ride of laughs, danger and ultimately beautiful romance.

Note: The preceding are the best romance novels I’ve come across in a while. However, stick with me… the list goes on!


At Any Price – by Brenna Aubrey
Mia needs money to pay for medical school and her mother’s hospital bills. Adam, a rich and sexy CEO, wins the auction. Being a boss, he makes his own rules. After their encounter, Adam finds a loophole in Mia’s rules that he takes advantage off. The story in this romance novel entails Adam’s advancements, and Mia’s resistance and denial of the feelings she has towards Adam.


Your Irresistible Love – by Layla Hagen
Sebastian is rich, powerful and ruthless in business. His business dominates the jewelry industry. Ava thinks Sebastian is hot, but her consultancy firm does not allow its employees to have romantic relationships with clients. Sebastian is willing to do anything, and things get heated up when Ava leaves her company.


Crazy Little Thing – by Tracy Brogan
In a quest to piece her life back together, Sadie takes a vacation to her aunt’s lake house. She hopes to recover from the stress she received from her cheating ex-husband. She strives to stay away from all men for a while, little does she know that Desmond – a tall, tanned, muscular and very attractive guy lives next to her aunt. Her cousins decide to set Sadie up with Desmond. Sadie at first resists but slowly begins to fall for him, especially when she realizes how he is good with her kids.

Park Avenue Prince – by Louise Bay
Love and relationships have no room in Sam’s busy life. He can seduce a woman as he believes it needs the same skills he has used to build his business empire. He is also not a romantic man, but that all changes when he meets Grace who is a smart and confident lady. Best romance novels entails a conflict between love and power, where each of them wants to rule the other, despite their strong attraction towards each other.


Pride, Prejudice and the Perfect Match – by Marilyn Brant
In her last semester, Beth has an assignment to do research on sexual role stereotypes. She decides to go on an online dating service and enters details with which she can attract the right man for the research. She chooses Darcy – a doctor who has registered a profile to find funding for his new clinic. Even though none of them had intentions to fall in love via the website, their subsequent interactions seem to suggest they are a perfect match.

You may want to take a closer look at these books. They have been touted as the best romance novels on my shelf!

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