May 28, 2018

Book Mention

What is a Book Mention Promotion?

If you should choose the Book Mention Promo, we will include your book in our newsletter. The newsletter is sent to over 10,000 of our eager romance book readers. We are experiencing an above average click rate from our subscribers every day. The book mention will include your book placement below the featured book placement in our newsletter. Although the cover will be smaller than the featured book option, you’ll be allowed two links to your book. No author page link will be included.

The main difference between the Featured Book selection and the Mention, is the size and placement of the ad.

The following information will be included in our newsletter, should you choose the Book Mention option:

  • Your book cover
  • A blurb to describe your story
  • A link to purchase your book through
  • A link to purchase your book through

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