November 6, 2016

Daddy Momma Never Knew


Daddy Mommy Never Knew
HOT and STEAMY Ménage


Step Father Included!


“I remember this one time we had an island in the kitchen with my mother cooking on the stove no more than a couple feet away. I came in to get breakfast and I saw that her back was turned. I found myself doing the naughty thing of getting down on my hands and knees and crawling across the floor. My stepfather was wearing a pair of boxers. Fishing him out and making him gasp with surprise was the highlight of my day. Tonight, I gave him no choice as I wrapped my lips around him and began to take some liberties. I knew that it was a risk, but it was the danger of getting caught that fed me like a drug.”….

Authors Note: Enjoy the bonus books! This story is Cocky Romantic, Hot and Sexy, and involves multiple partners. Be advised, it is not a recommended read for persons under age.