May 28, 2018

Featured Book Promotion

What is a Featured Book Promotion?

Which ever promotion you choose to promote your books, as standard practice, we include your book in our newsletter. The newsletter is sent to over 10,000 of our eager romance readers. On that note, we are experiencing an above average click rate from our subscribers every day! Your feature will be prominently displayed above any and all book mentions. The cover will be full size, with a maximum of six links to your book. Your Amazon author page (if available) link will be included as well (a service that separates us from competition). If you have a budget to promote your books, but you’re still wanting to maintain your rank, you might consider the Book Mention Option.

The main difference between the Featured Book selection and the Book Mention option, is the size and placement of your cover and blurb.

The following information will be included in our newsletter, should you choose the Featured Book option:

  • A prominent display of your book cover (above the fold)
  • The blurb displayed just beneath cover
  • A link to your Amazon author page (if you have one)
  • A link to purchase your book through
  • A link to purchase your book through
  • Any additional links you provide to us in order to get your book out there!

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