The Free Best Erotic Romance Novels

Best Erotic Romance Novels

Happy New Year!

Are you going to party tonight? As for me, you know that I will be in the thick of it, as we celebrate the beginning of 2018! I’m talking about dancing and partying with my buds, but I won’t drink enough to have a hangover, that’s for sure. I have put those days behind me. Please… if you do party hard tonight, give the keys to a designated driver. 🙂

Here to start you off on your brand new year, are the FREE best sellers in romantic erotica. When it comes to hot and steamy stories, I think most of us appreciate and enjoy the true romantic element of modern romance. But, for those who like it straight and to the point, I think you’ll find something here as well.

Take your pick of any (or all) of these FREE ebooks (categorized in the romantic erotica genre).

If you’ve been following me for a while, I may not need to remind you to be aware that romance authors (and kindle publishers) may pull their books from the “free” shelf in Amazon, at any time. So be sure to grab your copy quickly!

Enjoy this awesome opportunity to start your new year off with GREAT deals on the best erotic romance novels… starting right here!

Remember, be safe, but enjoy the party tonight!

— Stella

Best Erotic Romance Novels

Best Erotic Romance Novels

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