Best Sellers in Women’s Short Stories

Best Sellers in Women’s Short Stories

Hello girls. I hope you had an AWESOME Easter!

I know I certainly did. Spent some time with family and friends. We traveled about 700 miles in total! But, you know what? I had a BUNCH of books loaded onto my eReader, and the time flew by (but maybe not as quickly for my partner… :() And now here we are, back in the saddle again. For today’s post, I thought we’d look at the best short story sellers.

It’s not a bad looking list (although I’ve posted several of these under different categories before, so you may have already read them).

Have a great day / week and enjoy these Top 20 free and paid best sellers in women’s short stories. Leave me a comment or two if you find the time. Would love to hear your input. Why? Because I think I love you.


The Best Sellers in Women's Short Stories

Hold tight! I’ve got the Top 20 paid versions in best sellers in women’s short stories right here!

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