Free Best Sellers in Interracial Erotica (and more) ❤️

You ladies would tell me if I’m getting a little too “hot”, wouldn’t you?
I’ve had so many requests for Free Best Sellers in Interracial Erotica! Honestly, I love em’. You’ll find several of them here, along with a few of my personal picks as well … interracial or not.

I’ve gotta tell you, I’m stocking up on soooo many romance books right now. It’s gonna take me some time to read them all.

My Kindle library is packed full of sultry romance books. The best part is that I can simply weed out the one’s I want to save for next year. I’m stoked to be able to pass these on to you as well! In fact, I’ve got even more…. If you haven’t tried the Kindle Countdown Deals, you should! Come back to this page any time to grab that link and you’ll be able to snag some great books for free!

Love ya. Enjoy,


Grab these freebies if you haven’t already!

  1. Naughty Sex Giveaway 2 (about 72 free books)
  2. Up & Coming Romance Authors 2018 (about 100 free books)
  3. Bad Boys and Alpha Males Erotic Romance Giveaway (about 65 free books)
  4. Ultimate Fantasy and SciFi Giveaway (about 170 free books)
  5. High Heat Giveaway 4 (about 90 free books)



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