Mail Order Mates


Themes include forbidden romance, forbidden pregnancies, menage a trois, surrogacy and more!

This one-off package includes all 7 books from Jade White’s bestselling series. EVERY book has been a top 10 bestseller and EVERY book can be read standalone.

This is your chance to own them all for one LOW price, do NOT miss it!

The 7 BREATHTAKING Paranormal Romance Novels included in this collection for you are…

Book 1 – The Alpha’s Mail Order Mate (Former #1 Bestseller)
With the numbers in his pack dwindling, Alpha James Nightsky knows he needs to reproduce and soon. He also knows he has no choice but to write a letter to a neighboring pack to ask if they can send him a mate to reproduce with…

Book 2 – The Bear’s Mail Order Mate (Over 50 5* Reviews)
When WereBear Ranger decided to order a mate he was not sure if he should reveal his bear-side to her. However, he did not count on his mail order mate Alex having a secret that was just as explosive as his..

Book 3 – The Dragon’s Mail Order Mate
Dragon shifters Mike and Will order Oksana Stanislav to be their mail order mate. However, they are both stunned when they find they must compete with each other to win her heart..

Book 4 – The Tiger’s Mail Order Mate (Over 100 reviews!)
Russell Khan’s secret life as a WereTiger makes it impossible for him to find a serious mate. So he decides to buy one….

Book 5 – The Bear’s Mail Order Menage
WereBears Andrew and Joshua were bored of the women in their community so they decided to order a woman to mate with them. However, when Alina Kristoff arrived they all got much more than they ever bargained for…

Book 6 – The Dragon’s Mail Order Menage
Maggie Wallace joined a hook-up app looking for a bit of 3-way fun and something she had never experienced before in her life. However, when she met handsome dragon shifters Hudson and Phipps she found she was in for more excitement than she could have ever imagined….

Book 7 – The Lion’s Mail Order Menage
When WereLion duo Caleb and Tyler ordered brides for each of them from a mail order website they were excited. However, when only one turns up with the other getting cold feet they realized they would have no choice but to share her between the two of them….

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