The Top 10 Best Sellers in Urban Erotica

Here they are! These are the top 10 best sellers in urban erotica… and they are free! Grab any or all of these books while they’re on free promotion. Remember, authors may pull their “free” books off of the Amazon shelf at any time, so don’t delay 🙂

Are you gals getting excited about Valentines Day? Don’t forget to grab all of the freebies you want off of this list as well! Valentine Hot & Steamy Reads


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And Now… For the top 5 PAID best sellers in Urban Erotica!

Don’t forget to grab all of the free books you want from these group giveaways!

  1. Valentine Hot & Steamy Reads Ends Feb 28th (about 80 books)
  2. Sweet and Spicy Romance Ends Feb 15th (about 115 books)
  3. Up & Coming Romance Authors 2018 Ends May 31st (about 100 free books)
  4. Menage Romance and Erotica Ends Feb 28th (about 24 books)
  5. HOT DARK ROMANCE Ends Feb 15th (about 90 books)

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