Top 20 FREE Best Sellers in Paranormal Erotica

As of January 3rd 2018, these are the top 20 best sellers in paranormal erotica. Pricing of these books is subject to change without notice, as the authors price independently on the Amazon Kindle platform

But first, here are three HOT books you should consider!

Happy 2018! We survived the party 🙂

Hey girls. Let’s break in the new year the right way… If you’re like me, sometimes you’re ready for an over-the-top, super steamy paranormal book! These are “erotica” books, so expect the unexpected. I wouldn’t want to leave you out of the loop when it comes to showcasing the top 20 best sellers in paranormal erotica. Besides, we have readers in this group that enjoy a wide range and variety of HOT romance and erotica!


— Stella



END OF FREE BOOKS ===>; But take a look at the top 20 PAID listings for the paranormal erotica genre’