We are looking for quality books. Our readers want books with great plots and creativity. Your cover, blurb, and customer reviews will be evaluated. We do not require your book have reviews, but if your book is new, the quality of your back catalog may be assessed in determining whether or not your promotion is accepted. Note: We reserve the right to deny or cancel any promotion at any time for any reason.

Book Length

We accept short stories, novellas, novels, bundles/boxed sets, etc. Pricing should reflect the length of the work and may be a factor in acceptance.

Discount Requirements

We will accept books at the following prices:

  • FREE (permafree will be considered)
  • $0.99 (must be discounted to $0.99 unless it’s a “new release” promotion)
  • $2.99 – full length works (novels 40K+) and bundles/boxed sets at this price point will be considered
  • $3.99 and up – this will be accepted only for “new release” promotions

Discount pricing must remain in effect for 24 hours after the day of promotion and your book should not be offered at a better price within five days after your promotion.


One promotion per pen name is allowed every THREE (3) days. The same title will not promoted again until 30 days have passed from the last promotion.

The following is where we draw the line:

  • No underage sex—a controversial topic to say the least. Since we are based in the U.S. and considering the current political climate, we have to say that underage is defined as someone under the age of 18.
  • No rape—this is a soft boundary. We do accept some dubious and even non-consent. Submit it and we’ll see!
  • No necrophilia/snuff —no surprise, the dead folks are still off-limits, folks. Of course, this doesn’t include the UNdead (vampires).

What links will we promote?

  • Amazon
  • Your Amazon Author Page (feature book selection)
  • Barnes and Noble
  • Kobo

May I book a promo in advance?

You can book a promotion up to 30 days in advance.

May I book a promotion for a title which has not yet been published?

No. We have to be able to assess your title, so it must be published before you apply for a promotion.


  • We reserve the right to deny, accept or cancel any promotion at any time for any reason. (If the promotion was paid, a refund will be issued within 48 hours of cancellation).
  • URLs must be complete. Do not use URL shorteners or affiliate codes.
  • Your book must be at the discounted price on the day of promotion. If it isn’t, your promo will be cancelled. We highly suggest that you lower your price at least 24-48 hours in advance of your promotion day. And please remember to keep the discounted price available for at least 24 hours after the promotion.
  • IMPORTANT: You MUST fill out the promotion form with your book’s info/blurb – if it isn’t completed 48 hours before your promotion date, your promo will be canceled.
  • By submitting your book to us for promotion, you are agreeing to give Bargain Romance Books permission to use and display your book’s cover and description in our newsletter, on our website, and on our Facebook & Twitter pages.

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