Best Romance Books of The Month

The Best Romance Books of The Month – January 2018

Hey gals, the following books should be considered to be the best romance books of the month. That’s not just my opinion, it’s Amazon’s as well. You’ll find a few Christmas love stories in the pack which are still surviving from last month. I have added these books based upon their longevity in the Amazon Read more about The Best Romance Books of The Month – January 2018[…]

Romance Book Giveaway

Another High Heat Giveaway! Over 85 Books!

5th January, 2018 → 31st January, 2018. SOLD OUT! It’s another “High Heat Giveaway”! Here’s the link:  Click here to be directed straight to the giveaway page. These books are free to download in exchange for your email address. Remember, you can cancel your subscription at any time! Enjoy each and every one of these books on your own time. Don’t miss out on another giveaway! […]

Top 20 FREE Best Sellers in Paranormal Erotica

As of January 3rd 2018, these are the top 20 best sellers in paranormal erotica. Pricing of these books is subject to change without notice, as the authors price independently on the Amazon Kindle platform But first, here are three HOT books you should consider! Happy 2018! We survived the party 🙂 Hey girls. Let’s Read more about Top 20 FREE Best Sellers in Paranormal Erotica[…]

Best Romance Books and Stories to Read in 2018

The best romance books are those which stay with us long after the last page, filling us with fear at the prospect of failing to find another book that could possibly be as good. It’s no secret that romance novels have been around for a while, yet with the advent of computerized publishing, they’ve detonated in prominence and, luckily for us, romance is everywhere!

With new school authors, like Jamie McGuire and Christina Lauren, as well as exceptionally stable authors like Jennifer Cruise and Nora Roberts producing book after book, I guess we can say we’ve been very pleased with the increasing inventory over the past couple of years. […]