May 28, 2018

Author Promotions

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promote your books

Where Will We List Your Book?

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  • FACEBOOK – Books will be featured on our Facebook page
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Bargain Romance Books is committed to our customers. It’s simple, if you succeed, we succeed. We will do our part to promote your books the best way available online, by letting our subscribers know about you. We want to get your work in front of readers to boost or maintain your sales rank. Of course, we can’t guarantee that your book will get thousands of downloads because that depends on a couple of different things:

Here are two very important elements to help you get more downloads. These two things are common characteristics found among Amazon best sellers

A GREAT looking cover! This cannot be stressed enough. If you fail to capture the shopper’s interest visually, you won’t capture them at all

√ Spend a good amount of time in preparing a GREAT description (blurb) of your book. This should be a paragraph or so, aimed to quickly capture the readers interest and/or curiosity. Try writing the blurb, then revisiting the following day to gain fresh perspective

Be sure that your book will be widely accepted by the average romance reader. We have turned down many promotion requests for various reasons… This might be a good time to read over our acceptance guidelines

Which Promo is Right For Me?

We offer two different types of services which vary in prominence and price to promote your books

promote your bookspromote your books

Ready to promote your books? Have the following information available:

√ Your Name (or author pen name if applicable)

√ Your PayPal name or PayPal email address

√ Your book title (and subtitle if applicable)

√ Your ISBN and/or ebook ASIN number/s

√ Your book description. A well written 200-300 word description of your book. Please do not include links in your book description. Add them to the links section

√ Your website address and social media links could help, and we’re happy to add them to the promotion

√ Website URL’s with links to your book on Amazon, Goodreads, Your Website, etc

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