Tantalizing Tropes: Military Men Book Giveaway!

Tantalizing Tropes: Military Men 15th May, 2018 → 31st May, 2018. Meet the men who make your heart stand at attention. If you like men in uniform – or love getting men out of uniform – this giveaway’s for you!

This is an exclusive giveaway with 17 military romance books. “Tantalizing Tropes” is available right now. Click here to be directed directly to the giveaway page! […]

Top 10 New Adult and College Romance

Top 10 FREE Best Sellers in New Adult & College Romance

Here are the Top 10 FREE Best Sellers in New Adult & College Romance If you’re looking for free books, keep me in mind! These are 10 of the best sellers right now that you can have for zero cost. Remember, these books can be pulled from the free shelf at any time. —Stella The Following Read more about Top 10 FREE Best Sellers in New Adult & College Romance[…]

Top 10 Best Sellers In Urban Erotica

The Top 10 Best Sellers in Urban Erotica

Here they are! These are the top 10 best sellers in urban erotica… and they are free! Grab any or all of these books while they’re on free promotion. Remember, authors may pull their “free” books off of the Amazon shelf at any time, so don’t delay 🙂 Are you gals getting excited about Valentines Read more about The Top 10 Best Sellers in Urban Erotica[…]